When my boyfriend first told me that his grandparents had a pear tree in their backyard, I was intrigued. Then he told me about the pear pie that his grandmother, known as Babcia, bakes from the pear harvest.  She even lets the delicious dessert cool on the windowsill in her small, quaint kitchen. 

The suburbs are alive with the sound of BEEEEEES! (Photo courtesy of Daniel Catt)
You've probably heard a lot about the mysterious mass deaths that have been plaguing North American bees for the last few years. Ontario alone lost nearly 40% of its wild bee population last winter, and experts worry that we'll face a similar loss this year. While commercial beekeepers are dealing with this new normal of population loss, bees are finding new homes in our cities.

The Vegetarian Food Festival happened last weekend along the Harbour Front in downtown Toronto. Organized by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, the 29th annual fest featured "innovative new thinkers, fresh new ideas, and delicious new dishes" all in an effort "to highlight all that a plant-based life has to offer." There were vegan bakeries, nutrition experts and even clothing companies that set up shop during the three-day festivities.  With lots of food to sample and only one day of rain, lots of people came out to celebrate "the greener way." 
Below are some of our favorite tweets from the festival:

You may already be tossing hemp hearts into your oatmeal or munching on hemp granola bars, but we have another way for you to get your fill of the nutritious plant: roasted hemp seeds. Singing Canary is a small, local hemp seed roaster from Niagara, Ontario and the man doing the roasting is Johannes Chapman.
"The Man" - Johannes Chapman

Hungry folk highly anticipating the mystery of Poutine Fest
Last week FoodStory had the pleasure of attending the first annual Poutine Fest at Beer Academy in downtown Toronto. The poutine mania was organized by our friends at Joylister, a new Toronto start-up dedicated to providing people with meaningful experiences in their community. We definitely recommend checking them out whether you’re looking to put on an event or are simply in search of the perfect Saturday afternoon. But back to the gravy goodness...

Tonight at Beer Academy, we'll be reporting live from Joylister's Poutine Fest. Our event goers will be sampling three different craft beers, with unlimited access to poutine from the following vendors: 

In the first couple of years of being vegetarian, I had two life-changing revelations. The first: there is something to be said for knowing what is in your food (i.e: where your food comes from, how it was grown and shipped to you). The second: mushrooms are seriously delicious.  
Mushrooms: the fungus of champions.

Almost seven years later, I have learned a great deal about food­–from the best organic practices to the benefits of eating locally. I have also learned that portobello mushroom caps are unbelievably tasty and that the best way to cook them is not to cook them at all. It’s all about the marinade. Filled with cashew cream and topped with fresh tomato and basil, these mushrooms are a perfect meal–whether you are a vegetarian or not.

Hey there fellow food lovers! This past Wednesday August 7th we had the pleasure of attending the 3rd anniversary of Food Forward, a Toronto non-profit that focuses on connecting the best food with the best jobs. Created in 2010, the NGO brings the talents of individuals, businesses and various Canadian organizations together to encourage a stronger food movement. They advocate for change in government policy regarding important issues like accessibility and economic opportunity. We definitely recommend checking out their website, www.pushfoodforward.com, which serves as the hub of Toronto's food movement.

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